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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Download Project on Internet Banking


MBA Semester BBA Degree with specialization in the background, and as a student in Finance and Marketing, I was looking for a project area that should go along with my career in the Finance Division of the banking industry and uses most of my knowledge of finance and knowledge. Therefore, reduced to the study of Internet Banking State Bank of Pakistan

The main objectives of the study are:

• To understand the concept of Internet banking and importance, to bank as well as customers.

• To get aware of various aspects of net banking

• To build up SWOC analysis of Internet banking of SBI

• To build up various solutions for drawbacks in net banking

Scope of study

The study was carried out taking consideration of the State Bank across Pakistan With reference to the experience of serving in the field of Lahore branch.

Need of the Study

This study is necessary to know the work of Internet Banking in the OSE and its importance to customers and the bank.

The title of each chapter is shown below:

Chapter I contain Introduction to Project,

Chapter II contain Company Profile

Chapter III contain History of Internet Banking

Chapter IV contains working of internet banking in SBI

Chapter V SWOC analysis

Chapter VI contain the Recommendations and Suggestions

Chapter VII will be Conclusion

Future scope
The study of this topic will help you gain the knowledge about the process of Internet banking and its usefulness for the banking industry. As the study contains information from 360 degrees to SBI and Internet banking, both the study will lead to new ways of approaching problems and SWOT of the SBI on Internet banking.

This was all about how the project goes ahead and the results thereof. The next chapter of Company Profiles

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