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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Common Mistakes in MKT619 Final Project Proposal

Common mistakes made by the students in proposal

MKT619 Final Project Proposal Mistake One

A general topic is selected which is often NOT related to area of specialization (marketing)

MKT619 Final Project Proposal Mistake TWO

A well known company/brand is NOT usually chosen

MKT619 Final Project Proposal Mistake Three

The specific and appropriate format of project/dissertation is NOT followed
MKT619 Final Project Proposal Mistake Four

Student mostly provide Copied/plagiarized work

MKT619 Final Project Proposal Mistake Five

The objectives are not related to the topic, are ambiguous, or incomplete.

MKT619 Final Project Proposal Mistake Six

The primary and secondary data sources mentioned by the students are wrong
MKT619 Final Project Proposal Mistake Seven

The sample size are not given

MKT619 Final Project Proposal Mistake Eight

The software used to process and analyze data is not mentioned in the Data Processing and Analysis section.


1. The topic must be specific and relevant to area of specialization (consult the list of topics available in DOWNLOADS section on VULMS of the course to get an idea of what kind of topic should be chosen)

2. It is in the students’ interest to choose a famous company/brand on which sufficient primary data can be gathered.

3. The specified and appropriate format of proposal for project or dissertation MUST be followed depending on the nature of the
selected topic.
4. Non-referenced material taken from any secondary source should be avoided. Either such material should be reproduced in one’s own words or otherwise properly referenced.

5. The objectives should be clear, specific, measurable and goal oriented. The objectives should summarize what is to be achieved through the study. It should indicate the goals that need to be accomplished by the research. The objectives should be listed point wise in a bulleted form.

6. A distinction should be made between data collection sources and data collection tools. Students most often mention the tools used to collect data instead of mentioning the sources. In the primary sources section, you have to mention the sources such as the customers, employees of the organization, etc from whom you can collect primary data. In the data collection tools section, you should indicate the means to be used for data collection. You should also explain why a particular tool is selected. You should also indicate whether multiple tools can be used.

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