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Thursday, December 10, 2015

FINI619-Internship Finance Report on Bank Alfalah 2015-2016

Executive Summary

FINI619-Internship Finance Report on Bank Alfalah 2015-2016

We know that Internship report is a vital part of conducting and pass in this course. The main reason is to have a practical experience. Definitely internship gives a student to obtain practical experience and perspective to the organization selected.. So the university has given me the task of learning the practical work. So I also did my internship in the Bank Alfalah Pindi I have exposure and practice to become familiar with ways of living in the environment of the organization is dramatically different learning environment. This lab report is the profile of the banking sector (industry), its origin, and operation, how the banks are classified based on their function, and so the property and follow trends in the industry. In addition to the above, this report focuses on the Bank Alfalah to be more precise and discussing the internal details of the bank located in power.

Bank Alfalah's origin and its configuration in Pakistan are also discussed in the report. Bank Alfalah Pakistan and he reached a new horizon banking sector, Bank Alfalah now has a foothold in the industry. The first Portion of my report is consisting on Bank Alfalah introduction, its product lines, competitors list and clients list. After this, readers will able to read about Bank Alfalah All Department information. The major portion of my repot is financial ratio analyses, which have been done on bank Alfalah balance sheet.

Most three years balance sheet have taken for financial analysis purpose. I have presented BAL financial ratio data in tabulation form with graph, necessary interpretation have also be written at the end of the each graph. After conducing various financial analysis, I have also write, future prospective of the organization, conclusion, according to my observation. At the end of the report, I have suggested some necessary recommendation for Bank Alfalah for improvements purpose.

Out Put of the this Report

The main theme behind this report is to deal the ratio analysis of the bank as well to show my training progrmme. We have found that Bank Alfalah working capital management is not up to the mark during the year 2013 and 2014 as compare to 2015. The ratio of Bank Alfalah three years revels that bank is in a position to pay its current obligation. As we have seen in our finding that in 2013 bank is effectively utilizing its assets as we compare to year 2014 and 2015.

According to facts and through my personal observation and, finally, we conclude that the Bank Alfalah is in a better position than most of his fellow banks to deal with any adverse market trend. The main objective of the bank is to improve the bank's corporate image, strengthen its lending position in the market, increasing diversity and the tendency of the benefits and structure, political bag to produce, selectively spend the portfolio advances in the secure base, penetrate the market by expanding the branch network and improve customer service, although higher levels of technology. The bank is developing the necessary strategies and new products to address the current difficult situation and plans to further expand its loan portfolio with due care and caution to ensure the quality of its asset portfolio. Alfalah Bank management is fully aware of this difficult situation and is making efforts.

Bank Alfalah should get ideas for improving the customer is a new idea and is working very well in the Bank Alfalah Ltd. All clients are asked to fill out a feedback form and bank rules have been improved through them. Finally, the bank is putting in all efforts to achieve its objectives and its management, its employees all of their professionalism, dedication and commitment are leaning on the road to progress

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