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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Internship Report Format for Students of Business Administration

Internship Report Format for  Students of Business Administration

Prepare report under these outlines:

·         Title cover
·         Title page
·         Internship letter
·         Preface
·         Dedications
·         Acknowledgement
·         Executive Summary
·         Table of contents

1.      Industry introduction
2.      An Overview of organization
·         History of  organization
·         Nature of Organization
a.      Vision Statement
b.      Mission Statement
·         Main Features
·         Competitors
3.      Organizational Structure
·         Hierarchy Chart
·         Number of Employees
·         Main Offices
·         Introduction of all departments
·         Comments on organizational structure
4.      Work done by Internee
5.      (i)Financial Analysis of organization (For Finance Specialization)
·         Financial data of last 5 years
a.      Horizontal analysis
b.      Vertical analysis
·         Significance of ratio
·         Components of ratios (formulae used)
·         Horizontal analysis of ratios
·         Interpretation of ratios
  (ii) For H.R Specialization
·         HR deptt function
·         Staffing method
·         Performance Appraisal Method
·         Reward & Compensation
·         Training method
(iii) For Marketing Specialization
·         Marketing Deptt
·         Marketting deptt function
·         Product Mix
·         Positioning strategies
·         Pricing strategies
·         Promotion strategies
·         BCG matrix
6.      SWOT Analysis
7.      Conclusion
8.      Recommendations
9.      Limitations
10.  Bibliography
11.  Annexes
12.  Glossary






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