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Monday, May 23, 2016

Internship Report on Bank Alfalah 2015-2016

Internship Report on Bank Alfalah 2015-2016


I would like to thank to all INSTRUCTORS for there guidance in my educational career. Finally I would like to thanks and dedicate my Bank Alfalah internship report to my lovely parents who love, pray, support and guide me in every part of life.


First of all I am very thankful to Almighty Allah who gave me knowledge and power to make me able to complete my internship successfully. In my internship many people have contributed in the successful completion of this internship report. My all appreciation goes to the whole team of BANK ALFALAH LIMITED.  Writing an internship report appeared to be a great experience to me. It added a lot to my knowledge during the working on this report. I would like to say that this report is one of my memorable experiences in my student life, and it would not be wrong. 

Completion of internship report is not an easy task. As it require a continuous hard work and zeal. Completion of this report would have not been possible with out the support of all staff members at the bank, my respected teachers, my friends and my well wishers especially to Mr. “Asghar Awan” from the HR department. He helps me very well for starting this internship and the all the BAL staff members also guide and helps me for the completion of this report. I also thanks to my teachers of Virtual University of Pakistan for the knowledge and by their guidance in every field..


This internship report consists of profile of the banking sector (industry), its origin, the functioning, how the banks are classified on the based on function, ownership etc and the trends being followed in the industry. Besides the above mentioned this report is focused on Bank Alfalah and to be more precise it discusses the inner details of the bank situated at Shad Bagh Lahore. Bank Alfalah’s origin and its setup in Pakistan are also discussed in the report.

Bank Alfalah came to Pakistan and gave banking sector a new horizon. Today Bank Alfalah has set front foot in the industry. As I did my internship at the Bank Alfalah, as it is a sub branch therefore most backend tasks are done here. With a vision to be the leading organizations operating locally & internationally that provides the complete range of financial and marketing services to all segments less than one roof the bank started its operations from 1997.

The report further guides through the department and working of the general banking. The activities taking place in the bank, the various products of banking are discussed in the report. The workings of the different departments are done under one roof of Bank Alfalah.

Table of Contents

                                                                                                                 Page No

Introduction (Banking Sector) ------------------------------------------------- (9-11)

Overview of the Organization (BAL) --------------------------------------- (12-36)

  • Brief History
  • Nature of the Organization
  • Product Lines and Brand Portfolio of the Organization
  • Strategies of Branding used by the Organization
  • List of main clients 
  • Competitors

Organizational Structure ----------------------------------------------------- (37-40)

  • Organizational Hierarchy Chart
  • Number of Employees
  • Introduction of all the departments
  • Comments on the Organizational Structure

Plan of Internship Program -------------------------------------------------- (41-42)

  • Brief Introduction of the Branch where got training
  • Starting & Ending dates of Internship
  • Departments and duration of Training

Training Program -------------------------------------------------------------- (42-62)

  • Introduction of all Departments
  • Detail Description of the Training Departments
  • Description of the tasks assigned

Structure of the Marketing department------------------------------------ (62-64)

  • Department Hierarchy
  • Number of employees working in Marketing department
  • Marketing Operations

Functions of the Marketing department ----------------------------------- (64-69)

  • Segmentation strategy
  • Target marketing strategy
  • Product planning, development & management
  • Positioning
  • Pricing strategy
  • Distribution strategy
  • Promotional strategy

Structure of the Sales department------------------------------------------- (69-70)

  • Department hierarchy
  • Number of employees working in the sales department
  • Sales operations

Functions of the Sales department------------------------------------------- (70-71)

  • Sales methodology
  • Type of selling like personal selling, door to door selling etc
  • Sales returns procedures

Customer Services department----------------------------------------------- (71-73)

  • Process of developing relations with customers
  • Techniques of retaining customers
  • Techniques of attracting new customers
  • Ways of handling different kinds of customers

Critical Analysis --------------------------------------------------------------- (73-74)

SWOT Analysis of the Bank Alfalah---------------------------------------- (75-78)

Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------- (79)

Recommendation for improvement----------------------------------------- (80)

References & Sources Used -------------------------------------------------- (81)    

Annexes--------------------------------------------------------------------------- (82-87)

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