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Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Write Project Summary in MKT619 Project

I have done a research on Comparison of Product strategy between Bata and Servis Shoes. Now i am going to write Final Project Summary


The study has been conducted over the Product strategy of Bata Shoes and Servis Shoes companies. The main theme behind of this study was to find out and measure the perception of the people regarding to Bata company products strategy and Servis Company. And you have seen this study is also showed you a comparison between two companies’ products and product image in consumers mind. Data were collected from the both companies consumers through gave them questionnaires to fill up, a non-probability sampling technique were used. Data were processed and analysis on the excel sheet. During data collection we have also ensured data quality, irrelevant response were eliminated before further proceed. According to study finding, we have found 34 % consumers were using Bata products less then 1 year, and 30 % consumers were using 1 to 2 years as they are presently enjoying with the Bata products. On the other hand we have also seen that 30 % consumers of Servis Company were using its products less then one year and 30 % consumers 1 to 2 years. This result showed that presently consumers are purchasing Servis company products as the ratio indicates. Meanwhile 30 % consumers from Bata products were using product 1 to 2 years. This ratio indicate Bata have 30 % consumers loyalty since they were using its products 1 to 2 years. We have also seen in our fining in our third question, 67% consumers have selected yes options, as they are agree that Bata Products lines covers all its target consumers. These findings have proved, Bata is always care the customers desired and offer product, which customers desired. The perceptions of the consumers towards Bata Company were true, as they offer verities of products in different season with different people, child, young man, and woman. On the other hand we have also seen the Servis Company finding on the same question 40 % consumers are selected Yes option. As they felt that Servis company product lines cover all target consumers. These finding were also true, Servis Company is also offer verities of products in the same different season. But the ratio concern to this question Bata is the first company according to my study respondents. The most vital question of my study was concern to company brand preference. We have seen that 50 % consumers of Bata Company is using products due to Product quality, 16 % consumers were using Bata product due to Price. On the other hand if we look Servis Company finding on same question we could see that 30 % consumers were using Servis company products, due to Product quality, 50 % consumers using Servis company product due to price. As now open crystal most of the consumers purchasing Servis company product due to price not due to product quality. In our other question response regarding to product information through advertisement 50 % consumers from Bata company respondents were strongly agree that Bata is providing product information through advertisement but on the other hand 30 % consumers from Servis company were strongly agree that Servis company is providing related to product through advertisement. So after comparison it is dig out that Bata company ratio is high about product information according to consumer’s perceptions. 50 % consumers from Bata company have shared their views that Bata company shoes are much comfortable then others company. On the others and we have also seen that 30 % consumers from Servis company have share their views that Servis company shoes are much comfortable then others. So after comparison it is finding out that Bata company shoes are comfortable then Servis Shoes. 75 % consumers from Bata Company have shared their perceptions that company product accessibility are easily, on the other hand we have also seen 50 % consumers from Servis Company talked about Servis company product accessibility. According to 50 % consumers response that Servis company product is easily are accessible, 50 % has denied this statement. So we have found that Bata products have easily accessibility then Servis Company.

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